“They won’t like the new boundaries you’ve set for yourself because they’ve always benefitted from you having none”.

-Kylie Francis

Many people are in extra commitments and doing more responsibilities than they should be doing because they were not firm to say no. They have no boundaries. They are always responding to the messages, always taking the voluntary roles. They say yes to virtually every request, even if they are in a bad shape themselves.

If you wish to be happier and more fulfilled, you need to erect some fences around yourself. You need boundaries.

Boundaries with work, boundaries with friends, boundaries in marriage, boundaries in dating. You also need to set boundaries on yourself.

Boundaries defines who you are, what you believe, what you like.

Boundary setting helps you to focus on yourself, love yourself and practice self-compassion. It keeps people from coming into your personal space and taking advantage of you.

Most people set boundaries but unsuccessfully observe them. They compromise and retract and say yes, especially if they feel they are hurting those around them. This is a boundary problem.

Apparently not everyone will be impress with your boundaries. Expect some resistance. Some will welcome and respect them, some will feel being cut out and withdraw from you.

The priority, however, should be self-care. Maintain your personal values, focus on self despite what others want.

Remember that boundaries need not to be permanent. You can always go back and change them or completely remove them.

Keep good boundaries and take charge of your life.

Thanks for reading.

Happy Merry Christmas Eve!!