Memories are beautiful

They can bring good feelings

They remind us of the day we graduated from college

They remind us of the day we first made love

However, some come as flashbacks that remind us of the unpleasant

We recall some and we feel a strong guilt

Some choke us and we forget how to breathe

Some remind us of the day we froze when we stood in front of the class to speak

Some make us have another episodes of depression. And it may take a while to recover

Some events- happy ones, happened not long ago, they are so very vivid as if they happened yesterday, and we play them over and over in our heads

We’d give everything to experience them again

Some happened a very long time and those memories are a bit hazy

Of course our memory declines with age

We will forget our names. We will find it hard to remember our family

Metaphysics and other theories establish that the mind is so wonderful. It’s capacity is immeasurable. The good news is, you can form new memories and you can delete old memories too

Until you get 70 or your medical report says you have on set Alzheimer’s disease, get out there, be vulnerable, fall in love, forgive your parents, expand your inner circle, do something completely new

Form new memories

Hold on to the fond ones and let go of those that don’t serve you

Author: ayipeh emma

Hey there! I am Ayipeh Emmanuel, a pharmacy student. I write about health, stress and personal growth. Join my community and get the best information to improve every aspect of your health. I hope that the contents you'll find on my blog will help you to do exactly that.