Let’s Talk About Worry


Worrying is a part of the shared human experience; something we all go through. We worry about the medical report, if we’re gaining weight, if our kid will repeat his class, or if our husband will have a relapse and resume his drinking habit. The worry list keep growing.

We believe that by worrying, we are getting the problem solved. In fact, it doesn’t. Rather, it grows, it consumes us. We can’t stay calm, we lose sleep and can’t concentrate at work or school.

Learn how to better manage your anxieties

Share your worry

Telling a trusted friend or a family member about your worries can be pleasantly relaxing. Asking for a second perspective about your anxiety can help you realize if you have to worry in the first place or you are only exaggerating.

But you can’t tell just anyone. Don’t share your problem with the wrong person, especially if the person is chronic worrier themselves. They will give you reasons to support your fears.

Talk to that friend who will help you try and come up with solutions to tackle the problem.

Create a worry period

When an anxious thought comes to mind during the day, allow yourself to put it off. Tell yourself you will have time to think about it, but not now. Your worry period is a brief time (not more than 30 minutes) you’ll allocate to go over your anxieties.

Postpone your anxiety because even a little worrying thought can ruin your day. Your energy levels or concentration maybe be diverted, disrupting your flow and creativity.

During this period, you get to mull over your anxieties, tackle them and come up with solutions and dismiss such which are only imagined fears.

Trust God

In fact, the best thing to do amid your anxieties and worries is turn to God. Share your problem with God through prayers or meditating. The outcome is guaranteed, He will offer you the comfort and the peace of mind you need badly.

Find peace in His words like

‘Look at the birds of the air, they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?

‘Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to life’?

Learn to turn to God and He will tend to your anxieties.

Challenge your worries

Anxiety is own creation. You bring them to life and you allow them to linger by giving them attention and energy. But you can also beat them.

Take your anxieties one by one and challenge them. Ask yourself;

  • Is this problem worth worrying ?
  • What is the probability that what I’m anxious of will actually happen ?
  • I’m I overacting and expecting worst case scenarios ?
  • I’m I to worry in the first place ?
  • Can I control the outcome of the event, if no, you need to stop pressuring yourself, and if yes, what should you be doing instead of worrying

Write down your anxieties

One thing you can also do during the worry period is to write out your worries in a journal or a small sheet of paper.

On a scale of 10, rate your anxieties. Give them numbers. For example, you may give a 5 to a job interview you are anxious about. A 5 out of the 10 because it may be just another interview you need to attend after your last job.

Now, the anxiety is arising because you fear you may not make the final cut but you know you have a lot of job experience. So this shouldn’t cause an alarm. Dismiss it.

Brainstorm the problems that are solvable. Give a 9 or 10 to worries that are so strong and unsolvable and share them with people you trust.

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Author: ayipeh emma

Hey there! I am Ayipeh Emmanuel, a pharmacy student. I write about health, stress and personal growth. Join my community and get the best information to improve every aspect of your health. I hope that the contents you'll find on my blog will help you to do exactly that.

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