How to Prevent Caregiver Burnout


Are you a family caregiver?

Do you want to balance your care-giving responsibilities and other commitments? OK no problem.

Care-giving can be highly demanding; physically, mentally and emotionally, especially when the care recipient is totally dependent on you.

As a caregiver, you are under a lot of stress. And if you ignore them, they may become chronic and hurt your health.

Learn how to protect your health;

  • Get help

There a lot of generous people all around you who will welcome the prospect of assisting you with your duties, if only you learn how to ask. Ask for help from other family members, friends, care providers and support groups. It becomes much easier when the strain is shared.

  • Take respite break

Professional caregivers enjoy respite programs. They take breaks from caring to spend quality with family and friends. What about the family caregiver? Do you go on holidays?

It will be healthy to take breaks from care-giving duties even if it’s just a week in two months. Step aside, relax and recharge.

  • Plan ahead.

Finances is usually a big worry for many family carers especially when they are earning less. Eventually, your loved one may need more intensive care, cost of treatments will escalate and you will also have to pay for respite care. A good plan can save you some of the distress.

However, there are a number of financial support packages for carers. Find the one you are eligible to and apply.

  • Adapt

Eventually, you will have to accept this phase of your life. You are now a carer, and shouldn’t always respond to your duties as stressful. Continually responding to your role as stressful increases the level of the stress hormone, cortisol in the body. Cortisol primary fight stress and protect your health. However, if it escalates, it can take a toll on your health.

Burnout is serious and can keep you from being a good caregiver for your loved one.

Cut it down!

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