20 Warning Signs of Stress You Shouldn’t Ignore.

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Today, I have gathered some of the subtle and apparent signs of stress.

Stress has physical, emotional and psychological effects on us. It’s affects our moods, behaviours, activities. It can create positive/negative feelings. 

Stress attack can take different forms, from burnout to significant weight change. 

Be on the lookout for these 20 signs and symptoms of stress.
 1. Withdrawal from people and certain situations.

 2.  Recurrent flashback, dreams and intrusive thoughts.

 3.  Being overly vigilant/ easily startled.

 4. Cutting, grinding teeth.

5. Difficulty breathing, sighing.

 6. Insomnia, nightmares.

 7. Feeling anxiety, guilt, nervous.

 8. Increased frustrating, irritability.

 9.  Cold or sweaty hands/ feet.

 10. Light headedness, dizziness.

 11. Forgetfulness, disorganisation, confusion.

 12. Trouble learning new information.

 13. Lashing out, angry outburst.

 13. Negative self image, self-critism.

 14. Reduced work productivity.

 15. Frequent blushing and sweating.

 16. Neck ache, back pain, muscle spasms.

 17. Feeling overwhelmed.

 18. Difficulty in making decisions.

 19. Overaction to petty annoyance.

  20. Less motivated to do things you once enjoyed.

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7 Tips to Reduce Stress in College.

Stress and anxiety are everywhere!  Stress is something you can’t entirely avoid. It’s observed that along with secretaries, office managers, waiters/ waitress, students also suffer great deal of stress.
When stress gets to be intense, chronic and unmanaged, it can take a toll on your health and may reflect in your academic grades.

Follow these simple tips to help relieve the pressure.

 1 Take a nap.

The best way to stay active and stress free after depriving yourself good night’s sleep is to take a short nap. If the stress lingers, change your bedtime and sleep at a regular time.

 2 Don’t procrastinate.

Like all professionals, students are also in the habits of putting off assignments/ projects for some other day.  Procrastination doesn’t cause stress directly. A student may become increasingly stressed and frustrated as the deadline for an assignment approaches.He therefore works long hours and very hard just to finish the task. In this situation he becomes even more stressful.

Never put off something you can do today!

 3 Take a walk with friends.

Hanging out with friends is a good way to relieve the pressure on your shoulders. Engage in wild conversation. Talk about your families, movies, songs or sports.

 4 Practice yoga

Yoga is a mind- body practice. It may help reduce stress, lower blood pressure and lower your heart rate. It can also enhance your mood and overall sense of well-being. Anyone can practice yoga. Give it a try.

 5 Meditate.

Reduce stress while learning to love and trust yourself to bring inner peace with simple meditation techniques. The good news is that you can practice meditation wherever you are – whether you’re out for a walk, on your way to lectures, or even in the middle of a class.

 6 Daydream.

If stress has you tensed, worried or anxious, consider taking few minutes of your schedule and spend time in your imagination. Allow your mind to wander. 

Fantasize about  reaching your goals or receiving a standing ovation for emerging as the best student in your class.

 7 Listen to your favourite music

Listening to music especially slow, quiet, classical music and singing along can release tension. Calming music before studies can reduce burnout and improve your mood to learn. 

Give it all a try! 

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4 Quick Ways to De-stress After a Long Day.

Was your day a bad one? Were you stuck in traffic? Were your clients hostile or unresponsive? Did you spend long hours behind your desk?

Did you perform poorly during a presentation? Did you fall out with any co-worker? Did your boss reproach you for not completing a task after the deadline?

If your answer is yes for most of the questions then your day was not as pleasant as you expected. But don’t get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of life that you rob yourself happiness and comfort.

Not all stress can be avoided but some can be managed.

In this post, I share with you four ways to de-stress yourself after an overwhelming day.

 1  Take a relaxing walk

When you feel that what you’re working on is tearing and wearing you out, go for a stroll. A ten-minute walk will do you some good.

This is the technique I normally use when I’m in a group meeting. The minutes we take away from our project or work make us return alert and refreshed.

We become more productive. Generating ideas and brainstorming become natural for virtually all of us.

Give it a try!

 2 Listen to soft music

Some people will argue that the idea of taking time to listen to music while you haven’t completed your project yet is bad.

Under stress, you make more mistakes, have uncontrollable outburst or whine.You barely do the right things.

Select good pieces of music that will make your atmosphere soothing and relaxing to calm you.

I recommend you listen to the songs of Adele, Travis Greene, West Life or Bruno Mars.

 3 Call a good friend.

When you’re stressed, call a friend to spend time with to pass time. That friend could be your cousin, bestie, bf or gf.

Talk about college, your favorite TV show or series. You can also share with him or her about a story book you read or a humorous event he/she missed that day.

 4 Take a long bath.

Taking a bath is a good way to relax the brain and allows you to fully de-stress.

It’s suggested that the heat of a bath (warm water) increases the temperature of aching muscles,  blocking pain sensors and producing pain relief.

These simple techniques will help relieve your stress. Practice them for amazing results.

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Is that stress?

How do you feel when you have been placed under pressure? How do you feel when you realize you do not have much control over the outcome of a situation? How do you feel when you have responsibilities that are overwhelming? 

How do you feel when you realize you don’t  reach the goals you set? How do you react when you have a presentation to do at your workplace, the bank to visit, complete and submit a report your boss asked and attend to a friend who asked you for a favour all within 24 hours? 

You are probably going to break down. Stress is subtle but largely affects every aspect of our life, physical and emotional.

You may feel wound up, depressed, nervous, unable to enjoy yourself, a sense of dread, overwhelmed, or your thoughts are racing fast and you can’t switch off.

The way you feel affect your behaviour. You may behave by having trouble concentrating, restless, snapping at people, finding it hard to make decisions, or eating too much or too little.

Some other behaviours may include irritability, fatigue, frustration, losing your sense of humour, getting into more arguments than usual, getting less done and caring less about your work.

If you show any of these symptoms, you are experiencing stress.

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My message for you.

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I am glad to reach out to you to share simple tips on how to manage stress in life.

In this ever growing world, occupying a social status demands a lot from you. 

If you’re a parent, a worker, a student, an executive in your company, and probably someone’s fiancee, you will have to brace yourself for the grudging responsibilities these statutes come with. 

In my blog, you will find simple but helpful tips to control whatever degree of stress you’re exposed to. 

My goal is simple :  I want you to have balance in life and effectively deal with it increasing demands unscath.